Hire me!

These are the services I offer:

  • Translation
    German into English. Web copy and product descriptions for consumer goods, technical documentation, journalistic essays and articles…
  • Copywriting and writing (new text from scratch)
    English only. See above.
  • Proofreading, editing, and rewriting (existing text)
    English only. Will your text actually make sense to and click with a native English speaker? Alternatively, how can the same message be put across for international (non-native speaking) audiences?

Pricing is variable and carefully calculated on the basis of scope and complexity. Some projects lend themselves more to per-word rates, others to hourly or daily rates. I’ll expect you to be open and generous about your budget so that we can come to a fair agreement and you get the quality you’re paying for.

Let’s talk about how I could breathe life into your project!