Welcome! Here are the three main reasons I’m writing this:

  1. My old blog is... well, old. I started it in 2012. Although in some ways I am fundamentally the same person, there are even more ways in which I'm not. Fear not, for you can access the archives here. For reasons that will become clear as you read the penultimate post there, it seems natural to lay that one to rest and create a new focus. This website will house my personal brand and career development, whereas my new blog (see point 3) will be for more general writing purposes.

  2. I'm pivoting careers. This summer, I decided I wanted to learn more about web development so that I could do my job better. This month, I decided I wanted to heavily integrate it into my career. I had my Rubicon moment (will be writing a post specifically about that soon).
    Anyway, I've been reading a lot of material targeted towards people starting coding careers. One almost unanimous piece of advice is to start a blog. It turns out that if you're going to learn to code, you kind of have to give it your all. You can't be casual, because not only is there a load of new information to take in, it is also a massive learning curve and so much of this will be through trial and error. Luckily, I'm pretty good at documenting stuff already, so of course the opportunity to write and reflect even more was one that I was going to take up straight away.

  3. I want a decent web app to show off. One that I'm actually going to be using and updating; that isn't just there to fill up space on GitHub. See above. No good trying to becoming a dev if there's nothing you've actually dev'd.
    I've been using Wagtail, a Django-based framework, to build a new website. It will house my personal brand and my general writing. As both a professional content manager and an aspiring developer, I really like Wagtail so far (and not just because of the cute birdie). However, the blog is not finished — not even slightly. Well, the development is more or less finished, but I just need to find a suitable host. It takes a village!