I'm a tech and humanities professional living in Berlin.After earning a BA in French & German from the University of Leicester, I worked as a translator and copywriter for 5+ years. However, I'd always wanted to explore what really went on behind the websites and apps that I was selling with my words. I taught myself to code and ended up becoming a software developer.My interest in programming is underlied by my fascination with syntax and semantics. I also like that it's based on systems thinking and problem-solving, along with a dash of creativity (all of which I honed in my previous career). Although my broader knowledge spans the stack, my focus is on backend development in Python, with a particular soft spot for the Django framework and its wonderful community. Despite what some people may assume, backends, too, need to be intuitive and reflect user requirements! Empathy is my main motivation in my work as a developer.My passions are books and cities, which you'll find reflected in my personal web projects. Translation and editing may not form the core of my professional duties anymore, but I use those skills every day in my research and writing.I have written an as-yet unpublished novel set in Quebec, where I had a short stint between graduation and Berlin. I am working on two more books: a memoir and a romance.

Source code for these projects is available to view either on my GitHub profile or upon request. Click on the image to be redirected to the project.

Named After Women
Ongoing documentation of all the streets in Berlin that are named after women: I photograph all street signs myself and highlight the lives and achievements of these historical women, particularly those who faced persecution and/or death under Nazism.

Berlin Vegan Finder
Select criteria from dropdowns and get my personal recommendations for vegan(-friendly) cafés and restaurants in Berlin. Best viewed in desktop browsers.

My blog, centred around technical topics and my personal journey as a developer. But if you snoop around, you can also find things like lists of books I've read by year.